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Salami Care & Storage

Storage /Shelf Life:

Like good cheese and wine, our salami gets better with age. Don't freak out when natural salt forms on this salami, it's a sign of a good quality salami. Also, over the first few weeks the Salami flavour develops, going from good to great as the Salami matures.

When you receive your Salami and after removing from the loose brown wrapping paper, there are a few ways you can store a salami:

If in a Vacuum Pack or Gift Tube

Keep in the fridge sealed in the plastic and open within two weeks, remove all plastic then storage as below.

In a fridge 

Completely remove and dispose of plastic wrapper.

Store in Fridge completely open loose on a dish with no wrapping as the Salami needs to breath while it matures.

Store at 1-4°C. At its best between in the first two weeks.

In a freezer

Okay for 2 months, then thaw out and use within 2 weeks stored in the refrigerator as above.

Pre Sliced

Keep in the fridge. If the packet is unopened, store it in the fridge up until best before. 

Once the packet is opened, it is best to store slices in an airtight container and its at its best between 1 and 3 days.

Download our Care and Storage Instructions here.