Don't forget we offer a fundraiser option for anyone wanting to raise money for trips or clubs or sports teams!

What Size Salami?

These Salamis weigh in at 450gm - 460gm.

We've tailored the size so that they're a great little earner for your school, club or charity. $5 from every Salami sold goes to their coffers and you still get to enjoy a great value Salami win/win. And as an added incentive if your cause sells over 100 Salamis, they'll get $6 per salami and you'll have plenty of nicely maturing salami (they'll only get better with age).

To simplify the process for our team, we offer these following popular flavours.


Our most popular tastes amazing and great for the whole family.


Lively but not spicy perfect for pizzas or even sandwiches.


Packs a punch and full of flavour with a well rounded chilli blend.

And don't forget the Venison Biersticks (12pk), a very handy treat for those school lunch boxes.