Happy New Year! Cured Factory Shop is open 10 Pope St 6am-2pm and Riverside is open 7 days - see you soon!

We are now open for meat processing orders.


Let us create some delicious custom made salami, made from meat from your own hunting or home farmed animal.

We require a minimum of 10kg per order - select one of our popular Salami flavours.

Enquire with us or book your order using the details below:

Email us:
Phone us:
Then drop off your meat to Cured Factory Monday to Friday between 7am to 2pm.
Cured Factory Address: 10 Pope Street, Addington, Christchurch, 8011



Helpful info:
- Please provide cuts of meat
- Clean of bones, fur, grass, bullets
“What you send, will be made!”
- Meat to be packed and frozen
- The leaner the meat the better
- Weigh your meat carefully before sending


Please note:
- Minimum order is 10kg per flavour
- 10kg will make approximately 16 Salamis